Energy efficiency in the home

Research shows that a forest approximately three and a half times the size of Greater London would need to be planted to absorb the CO2 emitted annually from UK housing – which is why it is so important that we live smarter in the 21st Century.

Much of Britain’s housing was built before the links between energy use and climate change were understood. Today new build homes are undoubtedly more energy efficient than their older counterparts – having been built with the environment and family needs in mind and understanding why we need to build homes that save energy and protect the environment.

Of course older properties weren’t built to house the many home comforts modern Britain demands – today new homes are built with all this knowledge and therefore can be designed around the needs of the homeowner.

All new homes today come with an energy performance certificate or an EPC  which shows how much energy is used on a scale of A to G. EPCs tell the homeowner how costly the home will be to heat and light, and what its carbon dioxide emissions are likely to be. EPCs are valid for 10 years from when issued.*

In the majority of Rowland Homes, the latest heating, glazing and insulation products all combine to provide not just a home that is energy efficient but cosy aswell. On some of the developments the homes are built to Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes – which is a government initiative that assesses the environmental performance of new homes across a range of impacts.

To achieve a level 4, a home must be built to achieve a 25% reduction in carbon emissions over and above relevant building regulations. It also means that each home has also been provided with a smart meter, a washing line, external lighting to the front and French doors, photovoltaic panels, fixtures and fittings to reduce water consumption, a water butt, recycling storage units in the kitchen and a compost bin – homes equipped to be the most sustainable and make the most from recycling.

Insulating your loft, installing double glazing and upgrading the boiler are three of the top ways to improve the energy efficiency in the home with up to 25% of energy in the home escaping through the roof.

In Rowland Homes, all lofts come being fully insulated and equipped with an A rated energy efficient boiler making sure that the start of your new home journey is already energy efficient.

There are however some additional tweaks a homeowner can make to ensure once they’re tucked up in your home, all energy saving options are made the most of.

  1. Draw the curtains

Not just any curtains – but thick lined curtains will keep the heat in the room and stop it escaping


  1. Turn down the heat

By simply turning down that thermostat by just one degree you can save on your heating bill – and not notice the difference in the home


  1. Energy saving bulbs

Swapping lightbulbs to the energy saving variants means you can cut energy saving wastage by 75%. Now they do cost more so you’ll notice that in your weekly shop, but last longer and you will save on your annual electricity bill. If every household in the UK installed just three energy saving light bulbs, the electricity equivalent to the output of a typical power station would be saved every year.


  1. Buy efficiently – energy efficiently

All appliances now come with an energy efficient rating so it is easy to see at a glance how smartly that appliance works. Whether you are buying new for your dream home or simply upgrading a tired appliance, buy the best rated model for energy efficiency means that you will save on your bills – and help protect the environment too. Just think if every household replaced their old fridge freezer with an Energy Efficiency Recommended one, electricity equivalent to the output of two typical power stations would be saved each year.**



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