‘With Help to Buy at its peak, now’s the prime time to buy’

2015 has kick-started with the welcome news that sales through Help to Buy have hit 73,000 since it launched. This is definitely cause for celebration and surely it’s not a coincidence that it was also recently revealed that the number of first time buyers in the UK rose last year to its highest since 2007.

So we can safely say that Help to Buy has significantly helped first time home owners make that exciting leap onto the property ladder. In fact, first time buyers have so far made up 83% of those using Help to Buy - undisputed evidence that the 5% deposit is the ticket to first time home ownership.

At Countryside we firmly believe that the beauty of Help to Buy is that it enables people to buy a home far sooner than they thought possible because they don’t need to save a whopping 20% down payment.

Take our first time buyer, Gemma Dewhurst, who bought a brand new three-bedroom home at our popular NGV Liverpool development through Help to Buy.

Gemma said: “I previously rented and always thought that at 25 I would be too young to buy my own home. With Help to Buy you only need a 5% deposit, making it much more achievable to save. I got a lot of guidance with my mortgage application, making it possible to go from first viewing to moving day in just six weeks.”

So as the government hoped, it’s clear that Help to Buy has really helped. It’s helped to create growth in the property industry, it’s helped to increase the number of new homes being built, but most importantly it’s helped people achieve their home buying aspirations sooner than they’d hoped. So our advice for the New Year is this – with analysts predicted that house prices are set to increase in 2015, don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!