25 August 2016

Barratt Manchester Sales Advisor Puts Her Money Where Her Mouth Is!


A Barratt Manchester Sales Adviser has quite literally “put her money where her mouth is” – by purchasing a home on the residential development she once worked.

Heather Haughton, 42, has become the happy homeowner of a spacious new home at Barratt’s St Martin’s View development in Rochdale.  

Although already a homeowner herself, it was while helping other families to find their dream home at the development that she realised the perfect place for her own family was in fact right under her nose.

After selling their own property, Heather and her family purchased a four-bedroom home at St Martin’s View, and like so many other buyers, they took advantage of the popular Help to Buy scheme, giving them access to a 20% equity loan.  The scheme enables buyers to put down a deposit of only 5%.

Heather is full of praise for Barratt and the Help to Buy scheme for making her dream home more attainable. ‘’Why would you not use the Help to Buy Scheme?’’ Heather said, insisting she would recommend it to anyone.  

Her faith in the company which employs her is plain to see: “As a sales adviser, I spend all of my time advising customers to believe in the product and the five star service which Barratt offers.  I know first-hand the high quality of the homes and the professional service afforded to buyers, so for me, it was a no brainer.”

When considering what sealed the deal for her family, Heather cited the location, accessibility and convenience of St Martin’s View.  Heather had been living in a rural area before the move with her husband Neil, 55, an electrician from Saddleworth, and their two children, Millisa, 16, and Joe, 19.

According to Heather, St Martin’s View fits in much better with the family’s lifestyle. With its proximity to the motorway and with trains departing from the nearby station every fifteen minutes, it is very different from the ‘one bus an hour’ transport system of their previous home!

St Martin’s View is a stunning new development comprising of three and four bedroom family homes which enjoys stunning views over the Rochdale Canal.   A haven for growing families and first time buyers alike, St Martin’s View is as practical as it is picturesque, being close to the M60, M62 and M66 as well as the nearby Castleton train station with its direct routes to Manchester and Leeds.